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Holiday Season, Chaos or Comfort Planning When Caring for Parents or Spouse

Written by Barbara J. Kirby,
Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA) Later Lifestyle Planner, Advocate, Navigator SeniorsAdvocate●CA

No, it's not too early, advance planning is a must!

You may not be thinking of the festive season yet but don't leave it too late if you are a family caregiver for mom and/or dad or your spouse. There’s a lot to keep in mind when managing care through the holiday season. Whether they are living in residential long-term care or at home, making sure they’re happy while carving out a little time for yourself is essential.

When I think back to when my parents were alive Christmas over their last few years was chaotic. It could be a logistical nightmare. We were invited to celebrate our traditional Christmas Eve dinner with my brother and his growing family. I didn’t want to leave out either parent and they lived at opposite ends of the city with my brother in another direction. Think of a pinwheel. Planning started well in advance, even though they lived in residential care.

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