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What are my Rights
Senior Citizens Rights

As a senior citizen, with seniorsAdvocateca   you have the right to:

  • Be treated with respect, as adults and not as children
  • Be treated fairly and with honesty
  • Live free from fear, mistreatment, and abuse
  • Receive good and valid information in an appropriate manner
  • Make independent choices and decisions
  • Be in control of your future
  • Have care-related needs dealt with in a sensitive manner
  • Have services offered that will help maintain independence
  • To share friendships
  • Have opportunities to use your skills and knowledge in your community
  • Have and use the support of your community

If you need support for advocacy and tribunal challenges in residential care, consult the provincial legislation when citing seniors’ rights for legal purposes.

In December 2009 a Residents’ Bill of Rights was added to the Community Care and Assisted Living Act and Residential Care Regulations, as well as the Hospital Act for residents in private hospital and extended care facilities.

These Bills of Rights can be an important legal mechanism to interpret and understand the required approach to care and quality of life for residents. While these are expressed as the resident’s rights, to actually give the rights effect often requires the support of other people (including “family” or “representative”) important to the resident. The Bill of Rights recognizes and supports their active involvement.

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