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Seniors Advocate Services

  • Personalized Life/Eldercare Planning for Later Years
  • Navigating Housing, Care, Health Systems; Local Community Non Profit, Government and Private Services
  • Personalized Executive Monthly Management, Consultant Practicing Gentle Advocacy
Later Life Planning Guide Front Cover

Initial 2 Hour Consultation

Includes Later Life Planning Guide. Providing clarity, direction and peace of mind while defining your future.

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20 Minute Free Consultation

Are our services right for you? Possible concerns may be housing, care, asset/income management and information on how to report abuse.

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Watch our Video

Barb Kirkby introduces Seniors Advocate

On-line Store

Visit our on-line store to purchase workshops, books and more...

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Corporate Workshops and Seminars

In-house Workshops for Professional Organizations

Support Your Employees

 Adult children who are working and are caregivers suffering stress and illness, causing time away from work, are costing companies in Canada an estimated $16 billion a year.

Services Offered to Help You Support Your Clients

What You Need To Know and How It Impacts Your Business.


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The Need for Gentle Advocacy for Senior Citizens

This means getting real! What’s gentle about facing reality?

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Later Life Planning

Knowing you’ve got your back covered is key to being able to relax and enjoy the more simple things in life.

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Navigating the System

Knowing how to navigate all aspects of our lives when we are older is almost impossible on our own.

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