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Why Advocacy?

The need for gentle advocacy for seniors citizens.

Are you worried about your parents or grandparents, or your own health care and well-being? You are not alone.

We are here to help.

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70 to 100 in a BLINK

Lifestyle Planning, Support & Advocacy for Seniors & their Families - Solutions for a better life in later years.
by Barbara J Kirby

Hard cover, paperback or e-book.

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70 to 100 in a BLINK podcast

70 to 100 in a blink - Lifestyle Planning: 5 Key Principles to Aging Well

All Things Seniors: A Podcast For Caregivers 2021

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BC Provincial Health Authority Corona Virus Covid 19

For current information on Corona Virus Covid-19, Visit the BC Provincial Health Authority website.

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Initial Free Consultation

Are our services right for you? Possible concerns may be housing, care, health, and costs.

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Navigating the System

Knowing how to navigate all aspects of our lives when we are older is almost impossible on our own.

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Later Life Planning

Knowing you’ve got your back covered is key to being able to relax and enjoy the more simple things in life.

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Corporate Workshops and Seminars

In-house Workshops for Professional Organizations

Support Your Employees

 Adult children who are working and are caregivers suffering stress and illness, causing time away from work, are costing companies in Canada an estimated $16 billion a year.

Services Offered to Help You Support Your Clients

What You Need To Know and How It Impacts Your Business.

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NEW Products

We have partnered with Tochtech and can offer a 5% discount on their products.

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Barb Kirkby introduces Seniors Advocate

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