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Workshop and Seminars

We don’t plan to have sick parents, or be diagnosed with Alzheimer's, or have a stroke, or be injured in a fall, but these things happen. What would you do if it were your parent or spouse - or even yourself? Do you know what you need to know about coping with age-related life issues? These information sessions will equip you with the tools you need to answer these questions.

"Adult children who are working and are caregivers suffering stress and illness, causing time away from work, are costing companies in Canada an estimated $16 billion a year."

Seminars & Workshops

Employees Learn:

  • Why age-related life planning is important, whether you’re in your forties or close to retirement
  • What to expect and how to prepare when you need to rely on others to help you
  • Information you need to be prepared
  • How to avoid the stress and time away from work due to crisis management when caring for an ailing spouse or parents

HR Management, Employers, & Owners Learn:

  • To recognize employees experiencing caregiver stress
  • How a seniors’ advocate supports employees
  • How to get administrative support with seniors’ benefits and forms.

Who Should Attend? Gen Xers and Baby Boomer

Employees Age 40 and Up

  • 40/70 Rule. There's a good chance that if you are age 40, your parents are nearing age 70.
  • At this age, your parents or spouses often start needing support.
  • How will that evolve for you and your family?

Employees Nearing Retirement

  • These workshops, and a private consultation, will help you strategize the evolution of your life when you decide to slow down
  • Help avoid a crisis by preparing for support so you can live with dignity and grace and have the quality of life you expect

HR Management and Owners

  • Employees who are caregivers suffer stress, illness, and time away from work and are costing companies in Canada an estimated $16 billion a year
  • Learn to better support your employees in managing their work/life demands

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Disclaimer: we do not provide investment, real estate, legal or medical advice.

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