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Later Life Planning
Be Prepared

Knowing you’ve got your back covered is key to being able to relax and enjoy  life.  Otherwise, you could be  walking into the proverbial minefield of gaps and barriers in the systems and visible and invisible abuses including neglect, self-neglect and ageism.

You have a greater opportunity today to 'Be Prepared' for the future than ever before. Financial preparedness should for the most part be behind you. Now your focus is on planning for your well-being and a lifestyle which includes more than planning who your Power of Attorney is or making funeral arrangements.

  • Life planning provides you with the knowledge to protect your quality of life;
  • planning to help you decide where you might like to live;
  • who is your most important unofficial support network and legal representatives;
  • lifestyle in relation to health and personal idiosyncracies, costs of care and so much more.

Most important is that your personal values and beliefs as an individual human being are respected. It's easy to say, let the system take care of me or, I’ve got the money, I’ll hire care companies but there is much more as an individual senior citizen you need to consider.  You will need the compassionate support of others - who may not even know you - to help you maintain your dignity and quality of life. Being fully prepared will garner a better response from the busy professionals who will try that extra bit harder to help you maintain your optimal quality of life under all circumstances based on your wishes.

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