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Top 10 Questions
You Need to Ask Yourself

When There are Signs of Trouble

Trying to decipher the complexities of the health care system and care options is an overwhelming challenge for both seniors in need of support and their families who are juggling demands and want the best possible care for their parents. Here are the top 10 questions you need to ask when there are signs of trouble.

  1. Mom/Dad can no longer live alone. What are the options?
  2. I don't have family, so who will look out for me?
  3. What are the signs of abuse?
  4. How can I take care of Mom and Dad when when I'm working and my kids need me?
  5. Don't we have a social system that takes care of us?
  6. I'm not well, so how can I care for my spouse?
  7. Why do we have to look after our parents when there are nice care homes?
  8. How do we talk to Mom and Dad about this?
  9. What is delirium?
  10. Are all these medications necessary?

41% of seniors said they had been ignored or treated as though they were invisible.

Council of Seniors Citizens Org. of BC

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