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Why Advocacy?
The Need for Gentle Advocacy for Senior Citizens

Are you worried about your parents or grandparents, or your own health care and well-being? You are not alone.

The health care system is stretched to the limit and often unable to meet demands. Ongoing government cutbacks are leaving huge gaps in services and reducing available options.

For many families, the burden has shifted onto the adult children — the "sandwich"generation — who are already overloaded with caring for their children and spouses, career demands, and managing their own personal health and financial issues.

Trying to decipher the complexities of the health care system and care options can be an overwhelming challenge for seniors who are alone. Families who are juggling demands often become emotionally charged and overwhelmed because they want even the most basic care and human decencies for their parent’s which is a problem with broken health and care systems.

We are here to help by practicing Gentle Advocacy which means respecting all the people involved such as families and professionals, being the voice of reason and fairness, recognizing protocol and human rights and that we are all unique, working towards the best outcome under the circumstances and leaving everyone feeling they have worked as a team to create a win-win outcome.

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