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The Need for Gentle Advocacy for Senior Citizens

Are you worried about your parents or grandparents, or your own health care and well-being? You are not alone.

The health care system is stretched to the limit and often unable to meet demands. Ongoing government cutbacks are leaving huge gaps in services and reducing available options.

For many families, the burden has shifted onto the adult children — the "sandwich" generation — who are already overloaded with caring for their children and spouses, career demands, and managing their own personal health and financial issues.

Trying to decipher the complexities of the health care system and care options can be an overwhelming challenge for both seniors in need of support and their families who are juggling demands but want the best possible care for their parents.

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Understanding the Needs of an Aging Population

You have a greater opportunity today to 'Be Prepared' for the future than ever before, but it is not just financial preparedness that you need. There's so much more to consider. It's easy to say, "You just want a little respect, dignity, and to have your values honoured," but as a senior citizen you will need the support of others - who may not even know you - to help you maintain your respect, your dignity, and your values.

"Six-in-ten seniors 66 years of age and older report they have been treated unfairly or differently because of their age; more than one-third of
Canadians admit to ageist behaviour; and 71 per cent agree older people are less valued in our society than younger generations." (Riviera)

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Family, friends, care homes, caregivers, nurses, doctors, social workers and hospitals will all appreciate your advance planning as all of these people (your support network) play a role in helping you live your life according to your individual needs.

Adult children's lives are complicated today as they try to balance work, their own childcare and family issues, social activities and their own health and finances. As parents, you may not have wanted to talk to your children about your health issues or discuss financial issues with them. Your children may live out of town, or perhaps you don't have children. These life circumstances can suddenly lead to a crisis if you are not prepared.

These are just a few reasons why its important to know and understand your options and to have your personal information readily available when a support network steps in to help you when you are no longer able to speak up for yourself.

Sound overwhelming? Where do you start? Talk to the professional consultants at They can help you prepare for the indignities and stresses that arise if you are not prepared.

You can play an active role in choosing your future quality of life. Our consultants can help you work through the system, so that you can live with dignity through thoughtful planning, while as an elderly person, you live in a seniors’ residence, care home or in your own home with the help of family and/or professional caregivers.

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