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Two-Hour Private Consultation
Gets you started on your Personal Planning for Later Life

We answer all of your questions and provide all options so you can make well informed decisions. We leave you with peace of mind and clarity having a better sense of who will be there for you if you don’t already and what your later life will look like based on various scenarios. This consultation includes My Later Life Planning Guide and All-in-One Personal Resource Book.

Topics covered include:

  • networks to support you - and your Power of Attorney and Health Care Representative
  • clarify your personal values - when they are met it is much easier to live with dignity and in peace, feeling valued and respected.
  • health history - may have an effect on your level of comfort when you are no longer able to express yourself clearly.
  • finances - income /asset summary to calculate best options for quality of life based on housing, care, health and lifestyle.
  • lifestyle and housing wishes – best case scenarios, how to avoid worst case scenarios
  • estate planning – up to date and efficient
  • end of life wishes – no surprises
  • creating an Action Plan

You have time to ponder what’s most important to you, and what you would like your lifestyle to look like even when you can’t speak up for yourself. We keep you on track as we talk about the real life subjects that most people are uncomfortable discussing and just don’t have the information on. We join you in your home to chat through these topics in a tactful, down to business but friendly and supportive manner. Where ever the conversation leads us, we touch on your thoughts and concerns.

Prepay online for a 2 Hour Consultation
Regular rate per person $200.00 plus tax $10.00
Prepay for a 10% discount
$180.00 plus tax $9.00
(ask for couples discount rates)
Pay by:

  • Credit Card - Visa, MasterCard
  • Bank E-Transfer
  • PayPal

Book and Pay Online

This book is a living document that is updated as your circumstances change. It offers quick access to important information used by your advocates regarding issues related to your health and well-being.

Call Barb to book an appointment 604-767-4994

Rates are based on complexity of planning and may take up to 10 hours to prepare. Maximum rate per person for later life planning $800.00 plus tax

Disclaimer: we do not provide investment, real estate, legal or medical advice.

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