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Monthly Services
Private Consultation

Monthly Executive Management
(begins with a 2-hour consultation)

We work with your Power of Attorney and/or Health Care Representative or Trustee as pre-arranged, or we work with you directly as long as ​​you are mentally capable and your family or legal representatives are aware of our arrangement. We prefer full disclosure and clarity regarding our working relationship with you, based on individual circumstances.

Monthy Executive Management includes a wide range of concierge services to fit into your lifestyle and wellness needs always providing gentle advocacy while overseeing:

  • your personal care, and well-being,
  • home and garden upkeep,
  • strata updates,
  • renovations to age in place and other household requirements.

We can maintain a personalized monthly expense sheet and gather documents for your accountants. We ensure you have an open line of communication with your professionals who can make your life easier. We are by your side through medical concerns if needed and to liaise on your behalf or for your Power of Attorney and Health Care Representatives based on how much support you need and what they are able to provide for you.

If you are alone, we are by your side to help tackle the tough questions while ensuring the lines of communication are open with your professionals and others who all become a part of your support network.

Minimum 6 hours per month at $450 plus tax - fees based on income/asset test.

Disclaimer: we do not provide investment, real estate, legal or medical advice.

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