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Background: On February 14, 2012, BC Ombudsperson Kim Carter released the final report on her province-wide investigation into “systemic issues” in home and community care. Her report provides a very precise and do-able roadmap for improving seniors’ care in BC. Specifically, it outlines 176 recommendations for improving the quality, accessibility, and accountability of our seniors care system.

On February 14, the provincial government also released its response to the report in the form of an action plan for seniors’ care. While the action plan contains a few  positive steps, such as the announcement of a consultation process to establish a seniors’ advocate, the provincial government has not made a commitment to fully implement the Ombudsperson’s recommendations.Why write a letter? The BC Ombudsperson’s report represents an historic opportunity to address serious problems in our home and community care system, and to strengthen the services and supports that can help BC’s growing population of seniors to age in place, and to die with dignity. In order to ensure action on this report, the provincial government needs to hear from a wide range of voices about the importance of fully implementing the report’s recommendations, and the need for transparent consultation with stakeholder groups and seniors themselves.

Write a letter to the Minister of Health to express your support for the Ombudsperson’s findings, and call for full implementation of her recommendations
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