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Adult children that work and are caregivers that suffer stress, illness and time away from work are costing companies in Canada an estimated $16 billion a year.

Most of us have been unprepared for the role of being a parent to our parents and many do not have the planning skills, knowledge or experience to manage the time we need with parents or the complexities of the health care system.

Whether an elderly parent has a fall, or has dementia or Alzheimers it is most likely there will be urgent time-consuming calls at work for the adult children (your employees) to deal with.

Protect your company’s integrity and bottom line by helping your employees gain the knowledge and manage the stress with an informative workshop.

Currently 1 in 5 Canadians over age 45 provides care to a senior, life expectancy is increasing and people age 65 and over will double by year 2026 so this level of stress will become more predominant as the boomer bubble continues to grow.

To help you and your employees, we provide seminars and workshops with valuable information you need to know as children with aging parents.   Give yourself and employees the tools to prepare, and know how to work with our health care system, private services and volunteer services to get the best care and treatment for elderly parents. Consider how you would want to be treated, as an elderly person and prepare for your own future.

Information workshop for employees on changing roles & elderly parents. For more Information Call Today

Barbara Kirby Seniors Advocate & Consultant


Will Your Employees Be Caring for Elderly Parents?

One thought on “Will Your Employees Be Caring for Elderly Parents?

  • November 10, 2010 at 2:46 am

    It seems to be that whatever endevour people undertake now a days things are more complicated than before – the term “its a mine field out there”comes to mind. There are many pitfalls that we are not aware of – especially in health care and senior care – that too is becoming more and more complicated.

    A professional to guide us through is needed – person who knows and understands what hurdles there are to overcome. A person who is not only good at what she does and can see the whole picture but one who is as well compassionate and caring in dealing with not only the aging parents but with the adult children dealing with the various problems that arise.

    I have known Barb for 17 years in the professional field in dealing with her aging parents and believe me she is certainly someone I would want to be there for me in any decision -making processes that might arise.


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