Free  Seminar – Session  4 of 5 Part Series

Friday January 14, 2011 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
At   South Granville Seniors Centre
1420 West 12th at Hemlock, Vancouver, B.C.

Bette Davis once said “getting old is not for sissies.” Two strokes, a cancer scare, broken hip, and, a belligerent child brought her to this conclusion…
… was a wise person who coined this phrase

One way to maintain your respect, dignity and values when you need the support of others is to Be Prepared! Your family, friends, care home and hospital will appreciate your advance planning. Your family, friends and your community are your support network

Later Life Retirement Planning

Government Subsidized Programs, Private Companies and Non Profit Societies All Offer Care and Support

Care and Support Services Explained

• Strategizing – Why and How To Combine These Services Giving you the Best Care and Support and Financial Benefit.

• How to Access these Services

Presenter: Barbara Kirby of BjK Seniors Advocate and Consulting   Call 604-876-3906 for more information

Using Care Services to Enhance your Quality of Life

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