Personal Planning for Later Life Care Series

Schedule as follows; 1:00 – 2:30 pm

2010 Sept 24 Intro session Boot Camp for Later Life overview of workshop series Personal Planning for Later Life.

2010 Oct 8 Understanding a support network and how it can work for you.  Having the inner talk, being honest and open with yourself and with your family and friends.

2010 Nov 5 Your identity, past present and future and what it means to you, your family, your friends.  Keeping it simple, your life on a schedule maintaining balance and outsourcing.

2010 Dec 10 Financial freedom, no stress. Matching your lifestyle to your income  and your well being to your assets.  The cost of care; financial viability study.  Subsidized or private or make the best of both options and combine services.

2011 Jan 14 Updating your will. Why a representation agreement might be right for you.  Funeral arrangements?? Surprise surprise.

20 11 Feb 18  and Mar 18th  Topics to be advised

Speakers Series & Workshops South Granville Seniors Centre

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