Private Seminars

Nobody plans to be diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer's, to have a stroke or get injured and become disabled, but what if you or your loved one does? Learn what you need to know about later life care and how to create a personal plan so you are in charge of how your life unfolds. Giving this some forethought will provide ease, dignity, and grace to what can be a frustrating and difficult stage of life.


In these seminars, we show you the ABCs of why it's important to plan for elder care issues, even if you don't have parents. Through discussing the need for senior citizen advocacy and later life planning, we show you what to expect and how to prepare when you need to rely on others such as government support systems, professional companies, or volunteer services. Be prepared for when you need the support of others, so you can live with dignity and have an optimal quality of life, even under challenging circumstances.

Boot Camp for Later Life — 1-Hour Presentation

Demonstrates the need for senior citizen advocacy and later life planning and how we can prepare for later life.

Corporate and Private Group Rates — Fee based on group size