3-Day Retreat:
Aging with Grace. Life by Choice not Circumstance

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Private Consultation

prepare for the future

Whether you are a senior citizen or the spouse or adult child of an aging senior, it’s vitally important to fully prepare for the future.

Using our Later Life Planning Guide, we walk you through the steps that you need to take in order to be prepared for the eventual time when you will need the support of others. We talk in a friendly and supportive manner about the real life subjects most people don't want to discuss. Get your life in order now and define your future with clarity and direction so you can age with peace of mind. Start your planning immediately so you can enjoy your golden years.

Seniors Planning Book

2 Hour Personal Consultation

Personal Planning for Later Life

Book now for a private, 2-hour, personal consultation in order to begin assessing what you need to consider when planning for later life. We cover topics such as family and professional support systems, aging in place, financial viability, health and well being, legal and end of life reviews and much more. Where ever the conversation leads us, we touch on your thoughts and concerns.

Senior Planning