Val and Dulcie share insights on active aging. These insights come from two Patient Voices Network members who wowed an audience of non-profit partners, service providers, and community members at the 2011 Active Aging Symposium held on June 9 in Vancouver. The symposium was hosted by the Seniors’ Healthy Living Secretariat of the Ministry of Health, with a “Planning for Healthy Aging” theme. The day combined panel discussions, a showcase of services, a film, and presentations by a number of experts in seniors’ services and healthy aging.

Val and Dulcie gave presentations on “reclaiming health” followed by participation in a panel discussion. Both worked with PVN staffer Catherine North to carefully tailor their presentations to the event, and their work paid off. While they come from different backgrounds and shared different experiences, both Val and Dulcie provided valuable insights on financial, physical, and emotional health throughout all life stages.

“Both Val and Dulcie spoke passionately about living with a chronic disease and how important it is to find balance in life,” said Kim Abraham, one of the event organizers. “The audience thoroughly enjoyed their inspiring and thought provoking presentations which were delivered with humility, grace, and humour.”

“Now, health has become my job and I am the owner and CEO”

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