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Do you know how health care is funded in Canada? Have you heard about the Health Care Accord?
ACR has prepared a ‘Fact Sheet’ to help you answer “YES” to those questions. It provides a general overview of health care funding in Canada and explains the Health Care Accord that is expiring in 2014 and what that means to you. There will be some suggestions on how you can become involved in shaping “your” future health care system. Check the website for a downloadable copy ( ) and become involved.

Can you help us out?
Both ACR and the North Shore Community Resources Society have been attempting to develop a current valid email database of residential care facility contacts throughout the Province. This has proven to be an onerous task, with limited success. The purpose for both organizations is simply to be able to communicate directly and efficiently with residential care facilities.

We invite all residential care facilities to advise us of a current email address(es) for appropriate contacts within their facility. For ACR: For North Shore Community Resources Society: Helen Wait, Admin Asst. 604-982-3313 or

Family councils – help spread the word of your presence!
Part I of the Ombudsperson’s Report has raised the profile of Family councils as an important feature of a residential care facility. We frequently receive enquiries about which facilities have Family councils and how they can be contacted. We also receive enquiries from various other non-profits, advocacy groups and government organizations about the number of Family councils active in the Province.

ACR, would like to update our (outdated) listing of Family councils in residential care facilities in BC; to date the response to our earlier invitations to tell us about your Family council, has been extremely low.

Our goal is to provide updated, current Family council information on our website. We‟ve made it easy. The information we need is indicated on a Form available on our website

It takes only a few minutes to either complete the form and send it to us (email or regular mail) or simply send us the information on the form, via email to: We are unable to accept faxed documents at this time. ACR website: ACR email:
We’d really appreciate your help!

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