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The Need for Gentle Advocacy for Senior Citizens

senior-citizen-advocacy-servicesAre you worried about your parents or grandparents, or your own health care and well-being? You are not alone.

The health care system is stretched to the limit and often unable to meet demands. Ongoing government cutbacks are leaving huge gaps in services and reducing available options. For many families, the burden has shifted onto the adult children — the "sandwich" generation — who are already overloaded with caring for their children and spouses, career demands, and managing their own personal health and financial issues.

Trying to decipher the complexities of the health care system and care options can be an overwhelming challenge for seniors who are alone. Families who are juggling demands often become emotionally charged and overwhelmed because they want even the most basic care and human decencies for their parents which is a problem with broken care systems.

Later Life Planning
helping-senior-citizens-keep-dignityKnowing you’ve got your back covered is key to being able to relax and enjoy the more simple things in life.  Otherwise you are walking into the proverbial minefield of gaps and barriers in the systems and visible and invisible abuses.

You have a greater opportunity today to 'Be Prepared' for the future than ever before. Financial preparedness should for the most part be behind you now. Your focus now is on planning for your well-being and a lifestyle which includes more than deciding where you’ll live. Life planning provides you with the knowledge to protect your quality of life. Most important is that your personal values and beliefs as an individual human being are respected. It's easy to say, let the system take care of me or, I’ve got the money, I’ll hire care companies but there is so much more as a senior citizen you need to consider.  You will need the compassionate support of others - who may not even know you - to help you maintain your dignity and quality of life. The more you are prepared the more the busy professionals will work hard to help you maintain your status quo.

Navigating Housing, Care and Health Systems and Families

We as individual adults are very complex and so are our needs. Knowing how to navigate all aspects of our lives when we are older is almost impossible on our own. Trying to decipher government, private and other local community services and what might be best for each of us can be very overwhelming. There are usually many moving parts to manage while trying to keep up with our changing health conditions. This can be even more complicated when families living out of country or even another town are trying to care for aging parents. How might you cope if you are living here, from another country and you need our care services that you are not familiar with?

Consulting with a Practice of Gentle Advocacy
Senior PlanningThis means getting real! What’s gentle about facing reality? Well probably not much because facing realities can be hard on us emotionally and physically. But denial really is the culprit that leads to our demise such as social isolation and depression. Whether you are in denial as a senior or your family is in denial, aging issues are real and need to be faced. Once connected with the realities, you will have a better sense of control when you eventually need the help of others.   Relationships are important and the goal is to create a situation where everyone feels they have been heard and they are valued.







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