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Hello world!

One thought on “Hello world!

  • August 12, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    The kind of situation where it “takes whole village” and that works fine with children
    but somehow when it comes to taking care of our elderly/sick parents this does not apply in our culture..

    The time, patience effort, ingenuity and kind care is more than most people have in them to give for one reason or another. Like a neighbour of mine with a sister-in-law who has alzheimers , who is the primary care-giver, confided in me ” I am not a caregiver-type. I never even liked my sister-in-law”

    It can be a very tough row to hoe – only someone with the experience, expertise (knowledge) and a kind/caring person themselves is really capable of ploughing through the quagmire of problems that will arise.

    That could come in the form of a family with different people who could provide these different qualities (or one care-giver-type person) but that is unlikely. Plus with people’s busy life styles this makes it even more problematic.

    In our specialized culture ie. life coach, investment counsellor, personal trainer, nevermind phsyiotherapist, natureopath, beautitian, skin care advisor, this is certainly a situation where we need a coach, a specialist, an advisor someone to counsel us through these difficult times .


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