Joanne from Vancouver, worried about her mom.  Her mom Gina lived in White Rock and the trips to White Rock to check in on her mom were starting to wear her out.  It was getting harder and harder to manage a full-time career and family commitments and making sure her mom’s need were being met.   Joanne needed to get her mom organized and comfortable with a move to Vancouver so she could be closer to her.  But she had no idea where to begin.

So Joanne called me and I visited with Gina and Joanne in White Rock where we completed a two-hour assessment. This provided me with lots of information to create a personal profile and an action plan to help select the appropriate accommodation that would suit Gina and be convenient for Joanne. She needed the immediate support of a companion which I was able to hire for her while still in White Rock. For the bigger picture I gave them a couple of downsizing and moving companies to choose from and chose three homes that I knew would suit her. Joanne checked them out for her mom and it turned out they both loved the first one on my list and within the month she was living in Vancouver.

They were both relieved. I had given them tips on what to expect with the move into the new assisted living facility to help make the transition easier for both of them. Gina is still very much the decision maker but she has had some health issues and these landed her in the hospital shortly after her move. I helped Joanne with hospital protocol and issues that were not being communicated when she needed home support after being discharged from the hospital.

Are you making quality of life decisions while you still can?

Gina’s Story – Making Decisions While You Still Can

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