1. How do I determine what type of residence is best?

We start by ascertaining your ability and desire to pay, your level of independence; review what type of services you require on a daily basis; what level of care is offered. We look at what type of lifestyle you had

5. What is respite?

It’s a time of rejuvenation for the caregiver and care receiver and can be appreciated in many ways. A caregiver might arrange in-home support to cover care while taking a few hours to get things done, or even a few

6. Why should we have a primary caregiver?

If you do not have a designated Primary Caregiver in cases of emergency, the healthcare provider such as hospitals, care homes doctors and nurses are required to select someone who meets the qualifications of a Temporary Substitute Decision Maker in

7. What is the purpose of a representation agreement?

To legally assign a primary caregiver and persons to make important decisions regarding financial, legal, health care and personal care for your future. Using a Representation Agreement gives you some control over your life during a time when you may

8. What is a care conference?

It’s an annual meeting which includes all members of the care team in a care home or hospital. This may include the director of care, a nurse clinician, your team nurse, dietician, care aide, resident doctor and/or specialist, social worker,