The Globe and Mail (January 16, 2012) article (Section S) “Anti-psychotic  drugs given to half of elderly at care centres”  by Wendy Stueck  cites a recent (December  2011) report:  “A review of the Use of Anti-Psychotic Drugs in B. C. Care Facilities”  According to the Globe and Mail, the Ministry of Health will be developing  province-wide  guidelines for the medications.

→Anti-psychotic drug use in residential care facilities in BC?

→Will this troubling use of medication finally,  be addressed by the Ministry of Health?

The use of antipsychotic drugs in residential care facilities in BC has been of great concern for some time.  This is long overdue good news.

This Globe and Mail Article can be read online, simply  google:  Globe and  Mail  January 16, 2012  Anti-psychotic drugs elderly What you can do…

Now, is an opportune time to contact your MLA and the Minister of Health to indicate your concerns and experiences with the use of antipsychotic drugs in BC residential care facilities.   Good, appropriate care is possible without the use of anti-psychotic drugs. use-of-antipsychotic-drugs

For background and insight, read “Crisis Behind Closed Doors”:

Thank you ACR for pointing us to this article, and encouraging dialogue with MLA’s and Minster of Health

“Crisis Behind Closed Doors” Rob Vipond , Focus magazine (June 2011)

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