Corporate Services

If you are an employer, you will derive many benefits from making it easier for your staff to tend to the needs of their aging loved ones. By providing your employees with Seniors Advocacy Services, you can help reduce stress in their lives, increase their company loyalty, and reduce their time away from work when dealing with the care of an aging spouse, parent, or grandparent.

For Employees Caring for Their Loved Ones

At, we can help reduce the stress on your employees who are dealing with the health care issues and lifestyle changes of aging loved ones. We interact directly with private and government health care and social agencies on behalf of your employees. This helps reduce their anxiety and time away from work, enabling them to be more focused and productive on the job.

Advance Planning Options

  • We provide a 2-hour consultation, including plan of action and follow-up
  • We help each employee complete a financial viability study to customize seniors’ housing and care plans using both public and private services costs to the best advantage
  • We create a personalized resource workbook for each employee with recommendations, action plans, and follow-up

Support Services

  • Hospital-to-home discharge management
  • Provide short-list of care homes to suit the client, arrange tour times, and accompany on tour if requested
  • Assistance with applications and forms
  • Referral to government services, private services, and volunteer services
  • Arrange appointments and meetings and ensure follow-up
  • Monitor and report on health care and well-being

Crisis Management for the Elderly

Examples of times when Crisis Management is needed:

  • A spouse is in the hospital and quick decisions need to be made about their immediate and future care
  • Mom and Dad are becoming more frail and they are unsafe in their home, but they don't want to move
  • A grandparent needs help at home or in a care facility

Gentle Advocacy

We provide gentle advocacy for the needs of the senior and their families. We will:

  • Consult and liaise with hospitals, care homes, families, and professionals
  • Ensure best practices are being met to support optimal quality of life