I had a chance to listen to a recent interview on the CBC with BC Seniors’ Advocate’s Isobel MacKenzie, and I am really encouraged by the steps she is taking in regards to accurate reporting of elder abuse.

I was also happy to hear callers bring light to the fact that abuse is not only coming from family, caregivers and friends but that institutions and the system are also abusers of seniors.

One example I call the undiagnosed treatment plan when a medical professional may unwittingly label a patient as having dementia or early onset Alzheimer and the care/medication plan is written up to include anti psychotics. Easily done and often nobody knows who’s responsible for this misstep. Unless they or their advocate are aware the patient may unnecessarily remain on this medication for life.

One thing that was briefly mentioned was the importance of education and I am really happy to be on the education side by bringing awareness to the public on both fronts as the part of the BC Community Response Network and also as a private seniors advocate.

Click here to read the press release from the BC Senior’s Advocate about this initiative.

BC Seniors’ Advocate announces initiative to track elder abuse and neglect
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