How do I know if I am experiencing hearing loss?

Hearing loss is gradual; it does not happen overnight. A symptom people tend to notice when they have a hearing loss is difficulty hearing in crowds or hearing females’ or children’s voices.  It may seem as if people are mumbling.  Asking people to repeat themselves is a symptom of hearing loss, as is increasing the volume of the television.   A family member will comment before anyone else does.

Have you heard people say “I can hear but I can’t understand”?  This occurs because hearing loss often affects the softer consonant sounds.  Consonants carry important information for speech comprehension.  For example, imagine reading your newspaper after someone has cut out almost all the consonants!   You can see the words, but you can’t make sense of them.  This is what happens with hearing loss, you can hear someone talking, but you can’t understand the words clearly.

If you or a family member notices signs of hearing loss, the best course of action is to go for a hearing test and discuss the options with our hearing professionals.

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