Being prepared will help you feel in control of your life while you require support from others.  Let go of old ways that may no longer be of benefit as changes take place.

Here’s an inspirational video clip on aging based on a couple of books written by Connie Goldman author and retired journalist. A brief interview is attached.

Click here to view the video clip

Connie Goldman“We recently had the opportunity to interview and film Connie Goldman, Author and retired NPR journalist. Connie’s books on aging, including “Who Am I Now That I’m Not Who I Was” and “Secrets of Becoming A Late Bloomer” are a must-read for anyone looking ahead to retirement. One concept that stood out during the interview was the importance of “unlearning”. She talked about the necessity of not being attached to things having to be a certain way. She believes strongly in strengthening one’s resilience and ability to adapt to the ever changing landscape of aging in order to free themselves to live more fully. She manifested this as she talked about her own slowing down, giving up multitasking and accepting the fact she has less energy than she once had. I left the interview being reminded that acceptance of the limitations of age is the best gift we can give ourselves. Resistance only furthers despair, depression and a kind of victim mentality. Acceptance brings emotional and spiritual freedom and enhances a greater awareness of “being” in the world.

Connie just turned 80 and is writing another book about aging! If you would like more information about Connie and her books visit”

Aging on Purpose
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