Martha still lives in her private home and doesn’t drive anymore, so getting to her favourite places and staying connected to the outside world takes some forethought and determination.  A while back, she decided to ask her companion to take her bra shopping. The companion relayed this story. 

“What a surprise when we arrived at her # 1 Lingerie store called Diane’s .  Other than the normal fabulous personal service Diane’s staff provides, this particular day found us participating in a fashion show/launch of “Bras You Want to Show Off”.  We were able to enjoy the energy and high spirits of the show as models, designer and media mingled with patrons. Staff made Martha feel right at home and provided her with personal and discreet service in the back of the store while the show went on. Martha was able to find two lovely bras to take home. I chatted with Diane as she kept a keen eye on her event. Martha and I came out of there amazed at what we had just experienced and feeling as if we were walking on a cloud. We both had renewed energy.

We ventured down a block to her favorite women’s clothing store and visited with her longtime friend and sales girl there. It was a great time for them to get caught up on personal tidbits while Martha bought herself a new spring shirt”.

The companion said Martha hesitated about going into the store but she encouraged her and would have left if it was uncomfortable.

As an eldercare specialist, and seniors advocate I often see how the elderly become isolated and lose their ability to participate in real life activities.When we lose touch with everyday activities, we hasten not only a general malaise but physical, emotional and mental deterioration.

Getting out, participating in life and staying connected  is important to help maintain physical and emotional health, giving us renewed energy and improving overall quality of life. When we can’t do it alone the elderly and their families  need to ask for help, and that’s okay!

Aging and Staying Engaged In Everyday Activities
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